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In my years working in website analytics, Bounce Rate has consistently been the most difficult website behaviour metric theme to broach with non-data savvy colleagues.

Many conversations start with “what is a Bounce Rate?”, “Why is the Bounce rate so high!?” …

Source: Tenor

We are living in a world where vulnerability is disguised, flaws are airbrushed and weaknesses minimised. Our CVs only promote successes, people are coached in self-promotion and brands are engineered to be flawless. But what if we not only embraced our flaws but used them to create a cult following?

This week David Szanto of Orchard’s Experience Team explains recent SMS communications by the United Australian Party.

If you are an Australian resident you could have recently received a text message from Mr Craig Kelly the Member of Parliament for Hughes.

If you are like me, getting a direct text from a member of parliament might come as a shock.

When it comes to social media campaigns, there are many ways you can create and craft your messaging strategy. In this Social Download, Orchard’s Social Community Content Manager, Benjamin Yap, gives us the lowdown on one such strategy — sequential messaging.

What is it?

Sequential messaging is a relatively simple…

Keeping up to speed with the constantly changing social media landscape is more difficult than keeping up with the Kardashians.

New channels get added to the mix on a regular basis, sparking the question as to whether that channel is right for your brand.

Orchard’s Digital Strategist, Jack Winter, takes…

No, this isn’t a microphone check. Nor is it a nasal swab. We’re looking at the ways you can test in your marketing material and the benefits of an ‘always testing’ mindset.

The most difficult part of testing however is often identifying what you are going to test and why.

This week David Szanto of Orchard’s Experience Team looks at the method for TikTok’s content recommendations and addresses any conspiracy theories.

If you are an avid user of TikTok you have definitely been served an eerily-specific video that is way too relevant to your personal interests, experiences, or opinions.


When we talk about designers’ responsibility, we often talk about cognitive bias, dark patterns and ethical design (attention economy, persuasive design, hook canvas…). But what about our responsibility regarding gender inequalities and the representation of women and men in the products we design?

As digital professionals, we design products and…

This week Julian Bright of Orchard’s Experience Team explains how Search Engine Marketing can be used to advertise to niche audience groups.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to the paid listings that appear on search engine results pages. The ad copy is targeted depending on the search term. …

Over the next decade, we can expect to see major disruption within the healthcare sector thanks to IoT (the internet of things). IoT provides opportunities to redefine and innovate healthcare to improve the quality and efficiency of treatment, enable preventative and faster diagnosis and rethink patient care options.

This week…


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